Florence Tardy
Head of the Joint Research Unit “Mycoplasmoses of Ruminants” at ANSES (Lyon)
Florence Tardy earned her PhD in Biochemistry in 1997 at the Claude Bernard University in Lyon. After several working experiments in diverse private and public institutes, she specialized in Mycoplasma diagnosis and Research in 2005 as a senior scientist at the French agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety (Anses) - Laboratory of Lyon (France). She has developed a long-term expertise in diagnosis (direct and indirect) and epidemiology of mycoplasmoses in ruminants: from surveillance to characterization of strain diversity (molecular subtyping) and virulence. She has lately actively participated in the efforts of a research consortium dedicated to decipher the genome evolution, dynamics and content. Since 2012, Florence Tardy is acting as head of the Joint Research Unit “Mycoplasmoses of Ruminants”. In the last few years, her group has notably developed expertise in the field of resistance to antimicrobials and mycoplasmas exopolysaccharides.