Ethical Framework

Introduction                       Benefits and Risks                      Animal Welfare                     Human Health                      Distributive Justice                     Naturalness




The aim of this framework is to enable proponents of MycoSynVac to address ethical challenges that the project, in the view of the public and various stakeholders, is likely to face. By critically engaging with questions about risks to human health, animal welfare concerns, distributive justice, and nature ethics, MycoSynVac stakeholders will enjoy a number of advantages:

1)They will become active contributors to the ethical debate over MycoSynVac and will be able to define the ethical agenda.

2)They will be viewed as a serious and engaged party to the ethical discussion and thereby gain respect and recognition from key stakeholders. 

3)They will be in a position to develop their own policies, which may help to guide further development and marketing

This site is not intended to provide final “ethical answers”. Rather, it identifies and collects together the essential areas of concern and suggests ways of dealing with them. These areas have been identified in previous work within the project on the current literature (see deliverable 8.1) and on key areas of concern for the general public as well as vaccine and synthetic biology experts identified in interviews (see deliverable 8.2). The highlighted questions will be accompanied by further explanations of why these questions should be considered, and by more details on how they are relevant in the context of the MycoSynVac project.


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