PULMOBIOTICS: using synthetic biology to treat lung diseases

27 Apr 2020
The MycoSynVac project has ended on 31st March 2020, but it will leave different long-lasting marks. One example is the creation of a spin-off company from CRG called Pulmobiotics.  ...

Battle for Cattle around the world

22 Oct 2019
Battle for Cattle is a fun video game developed by Biofaction and a fantastic tool for the dissemination of the European project MycoSynVac. In Battle for Cattle, the public can learn...

3rd MycoSynVac consortium meeting & the B∙Debate on Synthetic Biology

11 Jun 2019
3rd MYCOSYNVAC CONSORTIUM MEETINGOn the 11th and 12th of June, MycoSynVac partners gathered in Barcelona to celebrate the 3rd consortium meeting of the project. The event was organised by the CRG at...

2019 EMBO Course on Whole-Cell Modeling

07 Apr 2019
Whole-cell models are very promising tools that could transform scientific research and greatly help bioengineers to design microorganisms. Achieving the development of such models requires...

Luis Garcia Morales’ impressions on the TRANSVAC training course on Adjuvants and Vaccine formulation

25 Mar 2019
TRANSVAC is a collaborative European project that aims to promote research and training in the field of vaccine development. From 25th to 28th of March 2019 a TRANSVAC training course on Adjuvants...

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