Project Ambition

The MycoSynVac project aims at using cutting-edge synthetic biology methods to engineer Mycoplasma pneumoniae as a universal chassis for vaccination. We will (1) modify existing methods of genome transplantation used for Mycoplasma species, (2) develop serum-free medium for scale-up in bioreactors and (3) analyze how to bring the product to market after efficacy of the vaccine has been shown in animal studies, ultimately to fight Mycoplasma infections in farm animals.


  • Ethical Framework: a study of the benefits and risks of MycoSynVac products by the University of Copenhagen
  • Luis Garcia Morales’ impressions on the TRANSVAC training course on Adjuvants and Vaccine formulation

  • Luis Serrano receives the XII Francisco Cobos award

  • FEBS National Lecturer award for Luis Serrano

  • MycoSynVac at the International Organization for Mycoplasmology Congress (IOM) 2018

  • Science Café in Berlin

  • Dr Carmen DE VICENTE COLL Research Programme Officer, European Commission
  • Infection caused by Mycoplasma species on livestock result in multi-million losses in Europe and USA
  • Current production processes of vaccines based on mycoplasma are very irreproducible and prone to contamination by animal viruses.