18 Mar 2019

On the 18th and 19th of March took place the 2019 European Mycoplasma Conference in London. Researchers from all over the globe (Russia, Australia, Canada…) travelled to England to present their research and participate in active discussions about vaccines, antibiotic resistance, diagnostics and genomic analysis.

The conference has been a real success in terms of attendance, to the point that organizers had to decline applications. Several MycoSynVac members were present such as Jetta Bijlsma (MSD animal health), Alicia Broto (Imperial College), Florence Tardy (ANSES) and quite a few people from INRA: Alain Blanchard, Carole Lartigue and Laure Beven. 

The conference only last two days but was packed with many interesting scientific talks. Of special interest was the talk shared by Sabine Pereyre and Florence Tardy about multidrug resistance in human and animal Mycoplasma.

Alicia Broto also had the opportunity to do a short talk introducing the MycosynVac project and discussing the work on the biosafety circuits. People showed a lot of interest for the biosafety strategies, as it is quite a new topic in the field of Mycoplasmas.


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