Luis Garcia Morales’ impressions on the TRANSVAC training course on Adjuvants and Vaccine formulation

25 Mar 2019

TRANSVAC is a collaborative European project that aims to promote research and training in the field of vaccine development. From 25th to 28th of March 2019 a TRANSVAC training course on Adjuvants and Vaccine formulation took place in Geneva. Dr Luis García Morales successfully applied to the call and was one of the 20 selected attendees. 


“The training course focused on the adjuvants and antigen delivery systems that permit to modulate the immune response during vaccination. There is not an universal formulation for vaccination and choosing the good formula may direct to the desired immune response and helps reduce the quantity of antigen needed for immunization. This course was useful to better understand the mechanism by which adjuvants promote immunization, how to prepare them and what are the important quality controls needed. The training ended with a workshop on experimental design for licencing a product, which was based on true preclinical and clinical trials. It was all really interesting!” said Luis García Morales.


If you are interested about upcoming trainings from TRANSVAC, you can find more information here.