Hubert Bernauer
CEO at ATG:Biosynthetics
Dr. Hubert Bernauer holds a PhD and Diploma degree in genetics, biochemistry and microbiology with a strong background in organic chemistry. After working four years as a postdoc in a clinical molecular medicine environment setting up a tumour and related virus diagnostics facility he initiated and co-founded GeneScan Europe AG in 1998 with other bio-entrepreneurs and raised VC capital. GeneScan then went public 2001 at the Frankfurt stock exchange. After 2001 he decided to found ATG:biosynthetics GmbH (Applied Technical Genetics - on the basis of his own gene synthesis patent for serving as a partner for customers in Synthetic Biology. Since 15 years now he is CEO of ATG:biosynthetics founder and sole proprietor. His main tasks for MycoSynVac project consist in the supervision of the WP5: Identification of neutralizing epitopes to design the best protective vaccine, and the exploitation of the datas for business development.