Adrien Eberlin
Lab Head, Research & Development
Dr. Adrien Eberlin holds a PhD in molecular and cellular biology. After having obtained his master degree at the university of Strasbourg, he joined the group of Laszlo TORA at the IGBMC in Illkirch where he worked during four years on the study of post-translational modifications involved in transcription regulation and cell division. He then worked for 5 years as a post-doc researcher in the team of Pr. Roland Schüle in ZKF at the university clinic of Freiburg im Breisgau. There, in collaboration with doctors, pharmacists and chemists, he focused especially on the identification of epigenetic biomarkers and therapeutic targets in prostate cancer, and their potential use in therapy. One year ago, Dr. Adrien Eberlin joined ATG:biosynthetics to work on European MycoSynVac project. His main tasks consist in the co-management and the research and development work for the identification of neutralizing epitopes to design the best protective vaccine.