Josef Maier
Project scientist
Dr. Josef Maier holds a PhD in biology. He obtained his diploma at the Technical University of Munich, where he specialized in microbiology, genetics, biochemistry and immunology. For his diploma thesis he developed an ELISA for detection of circulating immune complexes. His biochemical PhD thesis investigated the biosynthesis of tetrahydrobiopterin. Later he joined the Plant Biochemistry Institute at the University of T├╝bingen, where he was involved in the Neurospora crassa genome project and the investigation of the biochemistry of blue-light signaling and pteridine biosynthesis in plants. He teaches bioinformatics courses for genome analysis, image processing and data analysis. Since 10 years he offers bioinformatics services with his company IStLS, located at Oberndorf am Neckar, and develops web applications and bioinformatics workflows for genome analysis, proteomics, structural biochemistry, mass spectrometry, microarrays and generally for any kind of biological data extraction and integration. Long-term cooperation and project development with ATG started in 2007. He programmed a bioinformatics pipeline for calculating peptide libraries for the MycoSynVac project, which was used by ATG during the first two years of the project and which enabled the successful epitope mapping approaches of ATG. He joined ATG as a MycoSynVac project scientist in May of 2017.