Raul Burgos
M. pneumoniae is a human pathogen and one of the most studied mycoplasmas. Because of its reduced genome, M. pneumoniae has been extensively studied and a large knowledge of this cell model has been generated in the last years. In this regard, significant information about gene regulation at the transcriptional level has been obtained, but still little is known about how this bacterium shapes its proteome at the translational level. My current research focuses on exploring different aspects of translation regulation as well as protein degradation pathways in M. pneumoniae. In addition, as a member of the team of the MycoSynVac project, I am involved in the design of a mycoplasma chassis optimized to grow faster in bioreactors, a requirement to create a cost-effective product in industry. To do so, we are rationally modifying its genome in combination with the establishment of a serum-free medium.