MycoSynVac 1st Annual Meeting took place in Bordeaux

21 Oct 2016

On October 18th and 19th, MycoSynVac partners met in Bordeaux for the first project annual meeting. The meeting took place at INRA facilities.


An update on the progress achieved during the first 18 months was offered by WP leaders and young researchers involved in the current development.

3 members of the Scientific Advisory Board (Victor de Lorenzo, Florence Tardy and Joachim Frey) attended the meeting and provided a really positive feedback as well as some ideas to improve the future developments.

A workshop on ethics organized by our partner, The University of Copenhagen, took place, with the main aim to identify and debate new ethical concerns related to the project.


Last but nor least, small discussions groups involving different partners were organized in order to draft the action plan for the next months in different areas such as growth and minimal media, selection of antigens, tools development, dissemination and ethics, and the exploitation pathways.