Science Café in Berlin

28 Nov 2017

Following our last two events this year in Linz and Bristol we held a final event for 2017 in Berlin, Germany on October 27. For this event we again used the same style of format as we have for the Linz and Bristol cafés – namely smaller group sizes and more relaxed settings.

The café was held in collaboration with Pop Science Cafe Berlin, a social meetup group and platform that places its focus on socializing, sharing knowledge and active learning and organizes its events, which delve into any and all disciplines, around these values. The event took place at betahaus café on the ground floor of betahaus, a vibrant coworking and event space in Berlin. The café itself is a cozy space, with clusters of small and large tables, multiple levels and mismatched furniture.

Hubert S. Bernauer (ATG:biosynthetics) presented the objectives of MycoSynVac in general, and his  work within the consortium specifically:  identifying and selecting the best protective antigens, when it comes to several different Mycoplasma infections (in different species). As the format was very relaxed, questions and discussions popped up throughout different portions of the presentation.

Hubert Bernauer fielded the questions, as they came up, and delved into the lively discussions that developed throughout the evening. Some of the debates raised during this evening include the necessity of engineering novel vaccines, the use of antibiotics and the antibiotic crisis, the safety aspects built into MycoSynVac, as well as potential future human applications of the things the project may develop throughout its duration. In regards to the evening and its dynamic format, feedback from the participants as well as from our participating scientist was very positive.


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