Impact on Synthetic Biology

The expected impacts on synthetic biology are related to our work on:

  • Developing a Whole-cell model
  • Design of a bacterial cellular chassis
  • Genome engineering
Impact on reinforcing cooperation of industry with academia

The work that should be carried out during the project requires a strong collaboration between industrial and academic leaders. This will lead to valuable strategic links that will aid translational research and its industrial development.

At the same time, the project also improves innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge, especially for two of the project partners: MSD and ATG. Both would be able to improve their services, include new products on their pipeline and become or continue being a major player in the field. 

Environmental and social impacts

An effective vaccine for livestock will increase animal welfare, decrease disease management expenses and reduce the environment footprint.

We also have integrated in the project an assessment of the risks and ethical issues to ensure that end-products are found socially accceptable.