Synthetic Biology

MycoSynVac talk at the University Miguel Hernandez in Elche

Friday, November 18, 2016

Professor Luis Serrano, coordinator of MycoSynVac and Director of the CRG in Barcelona, gave a talk last Thursday November 16th at the University Miguel Hernandez in Elche, during an event organized for Sant Albert’s Day, the patron saint of natural scientists. The talk, entitled “Synthetic Biology: a minimal cell model and its design as intelligent drug”, dealt with how the synthetic biology is changing somehow the way we are facing nowadays some challenges such as drug development, environmental problems, food production, fuels or electronics.

Maria Lluch presentation on MycoSynVac at the IHÉS conference

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last Thursday 17th December 2015, Maria Lluch, co-coordinator of MycoSynVac Project, presented our approach to vaccine development based on the use of Synthetic Biology tools to develop a universal chassis based in M.pneumoniae.