Maria Lluch-Senar
Staff scientist, project co-coordinator
I am a biotechnologist and I have been study in for more than 10 years Mycoplasmas. I have always belived that understanding is the basics for rational engineering. Mycoplasmas being the bacteria with smallest genomes are considered the best models to be characterized by Systems Biology approaches. By combining molecular biology, "-omics" techinques and modelling we have acquired the knowledge in the biology of M. pneumoniae. This knowledge opened the door to genome engineering, becoming a lab of design of biological systems. As co-coordinator of MycoSynVac, in our group, I have the privilege of working with a team of 15 scientists with different backgrounds. Altogether, we aim to develop the first bacterial chassis that can be used for different biotechnological applications. Also, the collaborative efforts and multidiciplinarity of the consortium will do MycoSynVac true. This project will be the first proof of concept of engineering the chassis to obtain a multivalent vaccine. We envision that this chassis will open the door to the develpment of Synthetic Biology, the understanding of Biology and the development of science in Europe and worldwide.