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MycoSynVac aims to provide new types of vaccines and thus new solutions to help tackle a major public health concern: antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is mainly due to an overuse and misuse of antibiotic. Therefore, dissemination on good practises & scientific knowledge about antibiotics and vaccines is key to help future generation win the battle against resistant bacteria. 


For this purpose, we have developed this educational material (see link below) which is intended to help teachers organise an educational activity around those topics. The lesson is addressed to high school students aged 14-16 years old. The whole activity lasts from 2-3 hours and can be divided in different sessions. Moreover, by playing the video game “Battle for Cattle”, students will be able to widen their knowledge while having fun. This video game was created by Biofaction and MycoSynVac scientists (freely available online or download it for free in your apple or android device).


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Battle for Cattle is a fun new strategy game that puts you in the shoes of a scientist trying to stop the deadly spread of Mycoplasma and antibiotic resistance. 


“We made this game to get people of all ages talking about the huge challenge of antibiotic resistance” says Maria Lluch-Senar, the CRG staff scientist who leads the project. “Players will immediately be thrown into a difficult situation where the antibiotic they have stops treating all types of bacteria, forcing them into the lab to develop new ways of fighting the spread of killer diseases destroying their farm, like vaccinating cows in the first place.” "I’m really proud of the game we’ve built with Biofaction” she continues. “There aren’t many games that reflect real-life, cutting-edge research in such a colourful and fun way. I have seen first-hand how enthusiastically parents and children play the game together and I hope many more get to enjoy it.”


Evaluation form : Please, answer this form regarding the educational package. As this is a pilot version, we would appreciate any suggestions or comments you may have. It will only take some minutes of your time and it will help to improve the materials! Thank you!